City Has Many Thanks to Go Around

So many people to thank this week but not enough words to adequately say how much we appreciate everything!

Many Public Works employees have worked tirelessly this week to try to clear our streets and keep things moving as much as possible.  The guys operating the heavy machinery and hauling snow have done a great job as always.  They have worked in shifts around the clock for basically a week now.  

A group that does not always get the love they deserve is our city garage that keeps all of the heavy equipment (police cars, trucks, fire trucks…..) running.  These folks stayed at Public Works around the clock this week to be on call in the event any of the equipment had problems.  They literally stayed at the garage and slept there to be on call 24/7!!  A GREAT BIG THANKS TO YOU!!

As always, thanks to the Police and Fire Department that never get shut down!!  Additionally, even though they are not officially part of the city, thanks to the HC Sheriff’s Office and all of the first responders in our City and County as well as the BPU for keeping us warm! 

Last but certainly not least thanks to this amazing community.  It seemed as though everyone understood, don’t get out, it makes matters worse and we think everyone basically did just that.  Everyone should be commended for checking on their neighbors, assisting people in staying warm (thanks PSSD, Sheriffs’ Office, Paris Police Department and HC Emergency Management Dir. Ron Watkins for the Warming Shelter) and just being there for information and assistance.

Specifically we want to thank those that stepped up to make sure our guys and gals working out in this weather were well fed.  Those we want to thank are:

Old West Steakhouse fed our Public Works and Police Department; Sweet Jordan’s for providing lunch to our Public Works and to the Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce for lunch at Public Works.  Also to those that want to remain anonymous….and you know who you are, thanks to you as well!  We just can’t say it enough, what a great place to live, thanks to all!!!

There is still much to do but it looks as though we have turned the corner and are looking forward to 60 degrees next week!


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