Customer Spotlight

As the break of dawn weaves its way over the horizon a patriot from hours and miles away comes to protect the ones that need it most. As he makes his way from business to business, city to city, this insurance salesman has shown not only Paris, but all of Henry County itself, he will stop at nothing to make sure everyone is protected. 

Coming from Brentwood, TN, David Hornbeck, has helped everyone from K & J Meat & Buckaroos to Columbiad and even the Peddler Advantage. We feel that he is not only of great service to us all, he is part of our community.

If you have a business and would like your long distance neighbor to help protect the ones you care most for or just simply want it for yourself call Dave today! Dave may have fun wanting to be your insurance hero but he has a plan suited perfectly just for you. You may contact him at (629) 237-1703.


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