Free Reception At Paris Academy For The Arts For Exhibit, “3”

Paris Academy for the Arts will be hosting a mid-show reception Sunday, May 15, from 2:00 – 4:00pm, for its newest art exhibit.

Featuring artwork by three artists, Cat Sanchez, Shelia Fitzhugh, and Heather Wilson, the eclectic show is simply titled, “3.”

These West Tennessee artists highlight the beauty, diversity, and nuances of Tennessee life and nature.

Artist Cat Sanchez depicts the native flora and fauna of Tennessee using traditional elements of the Southern Gothic genre. Her work explores the niche of the “other,” setting side by side the unique place occupied by young women in society and fleeing deer in hunting season.

Shelia Fitzhugh’s portraits and pencil sketches demonstrate her artistry, using even the simplest tools.

Drawn with a simple mechanical pencil and smudged with her fingers for shading, her portraits offer an unexpected complexity. Some of the portraits on display are from the “FACEs of TENNESSEE MUSIC” exhibit at the Delta Heritage Center /Tina Turner Museum, where Shelia has other pieces on permanent display. In portrait sketching, her desire is not just to capture features, but also their spirit. The same is true for hand drawings, as they are as “unique to individuals as faces.”

Heather Wilson specializes in painting and fiber arts largely inspired by nature and oddities in the world. Her past experiences working with parrots, along with her two parakeets, have especially affected her art’s bright color and subject matter today.

The reception is free and the public is invited. The show will be on display through May at Paris Academy for the Arts, located at 402 Lee Street, Paris, Tennessee.

For additional information about Paris Academy Association, call 731-642-3411 or visit their website,


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