Fund Raising Opportunity Offered to Friends of LBL


On July 15, 2022 NPR ran a story featuring our Woodland Nature Station’s red wolves. Red wolves are critically endangered, so much so that our 6 wolves (Jasper, Ember and their 4 pups, Piney Trace, Sugar and Ginger) make up 3% of the entire remaining population! Caring for this growing pack is important conservation work. It is also a costly endeavor, the puppies care has added much more work and cost to the Woodlands Nature Station this year.

Borealis Coffee Company, all the way in Rhode Island, heard this story about our wolves and decided that they wanted to do something to help. They developed and released this special “Red Wolf Benefit ” blend of their coffee.  $10 of every pound of this coffee sold during the month of December is donated directly to Friends of Land Between the Lakes, and specifically to the Red Wolves at the Nature Station. 

So if you have a coffee drinker in your life, or you yourself are one, go to and consider purchasing a bag of this special blend and try something new while supporting a fantastic cause! 

We are incredibly grateful for the charitable contribution from Borealis Coffee. Their initiative to spread awareness and directly support conservation is commendable. We hope you will consider making a purchase from them this December. Thank you for being a Friend of Land Between the Lakes!


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