KPAC Young Artists To Present “Bugz” KPAC

Young Artists present “BUGZ” at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 15 at KPAC in Paris.  Join the youngest Young Artists, Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, for this rootin’-tootin’ country-themed production.  The Bugz are going on a picnic, and they’re all pitching in.  The Lady Bugs are in charge of etiquette, the Army Ants will handle security, and the Fireflies are in charge of lighting.  Looks like they’re all set.  But oh no!  The stink bug wants to come, too.  Whatever will they do?  See how the Bugz learn to accept each other with grace….even the stink bug.

Admission is $6, except children ages 2 and under, who are admitted with no charge.  Purchase tickets online in advance at


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