Tomorrow’s Hope’s Walk for Life is Great Success!


June 10th was such a success for Tomorrow’s Hope Walk for Life! It was such a great day to come together and get involved by demonstrating support for the value of human life, especially for the unborn that have no voice. The total ended up being $7,500.00 and we are continuing to receive donations and individuals requesting t-shirts. Thank you to our sponsors that showed so much support with their donations. Additional thanks to Carl Perkins, HC Liter program, Melisa Lassiter (Region Overdose Prevention Specialist), Andrea Miller (Jump ropes), Prevention Coalition & members from Point Pleasant who set up tables with information and giveaways to everyone. Point Pleasant group who grilled food. The children enjoyed splash pad and T-rex joined us with the walk. Twenty prizes were given away to children. Cheryl Connor spoke of her retirement with a introduction to new Executive director Jenifer Whitmire. The event ended a little early due to weather, but a rainbow appeared at the end demonstrating God’s promise. God does not make mistakes and he values all life; He is the great physician. Thank you to everyone for supporting Tomorrow’s Hope! 


        Peddler Advantage                                   Ron & Sally Thomas

        Steve & Cheryl Connor                             La Ingrata Bar & Grill

        Oak Hill Union Church                              Flower Station

        Jacks Pool Room                                     IGA

        Duane & Linda Seiber                               West Cancer Center

        Jack & Liz Pressey                                    Fairview Baptist Church

        Nestle Beauty School                               McCartney Produce Co.

        Iris Initiatives                                             Pepsi-Cola

        Point Pleasant Baptist Church                 Joe Mahan


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