We Want Pictures of Your Pets For Our Paper

We Want Pictures of Your Pets

 We love our pets! And we love your pets, too! That is why we want to feature them in our publication. So, please take a few minutes and go thru your phone. We already know you have dozens of pictures of your little one. Pick out the cutest picture and email it to us. 

     Include with the picture a little “bio” about your pet. We want to know things like their name, of course, how old are they, what are their favorite treats, do they do anything funny or special and what you love most about them. Pictures of your pet with your kids are always a big hit too! If you’re child is in the pic – give us some info on them, as well.

     Please email your photos to peddlerads@peddlerads.com. It is hard to say how many photos may come in one week, so be patient if your pet is not in our paper right away! Trust me – we want to show off your extra baby. A photo of any type of pets is welcomed. We have featured pups, cats, ducks, snakes, rabbits and hogs before. Thank you for being a part of the Peddler Family!


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