We’ve Come A Long Way

A Paris-Henry County Bi-Centennial African-American Musical February 20, 4:00 p.m. KPAC auditorium Admission is free. Donations accepted.

This hometown production

 takes the audience back through the history of African-American songs and dances in America, Tennessee, and Henry County. It seeks to tell the story of how Black people kept their spirit of singing spiritual songs and dancing through their historical journey from Africa (The Motherland) to Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.

The show will explore the historical significance of the Great Kingdoms of Ancient Africa with the “Parade of African Kings and Queens” The program will include slave songs and Negro Spirituals that helped through turbulent times. Music from the Civil Rights movement, as well as modern-day gospel songs and dancing, will be performed.

The show, under the direction of Andre Richardson, will include a large cast of singers and dancers in costume.


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