Wildlife Refuge Closures at Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area has closed nine wildlife refuges to human entry and all activities including hunting, fishing, and boating. These areas will remain closed until March 16, 2023. Closed areas are marked with buoys or signs.

The wildlife refuge closures include:

Portions of Duncan Bay, Smith Bay, and Rushing Bay on Kentucky Lake, Duncan Lake, Fulton Bay and Honker Bay on Lake Barkley, Western one-third of Energy Lake; all of Energy Lake and Bards Lake are closed to hunting; eastern two-thirds of Energy Lake and all of Bards Lake remain open to fishing,  Long Creek Refuge at the back of Elbow Bay, Hematite Lake, and Honker Lake closed to fishing and boating; trails open.

Refuge closures provide undisturbed resting and feeding areas for waterfowl, shorebirds, and bald eagles. Staff at Land Between the Lakes asks for public cooperation with refuge regulations designed to provide needed sanctuary.

Hunters should be aware that hunting is not permitted within 150 yards of any Land Between the Lakes facility. Waterfowl hunting is not permitted within 200 yards of a refuge boundary. State regulations should be followed while on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.

To find more information about Land Between the Lakes, visit the official website at www.landbetweenthelakes.us or call (800) 525-7077 or (270) 924-2000.


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