Wildlife Refuges Reopen at Land Between the Lakes

Wildlife Refuges Reopen
 Wood ducks feeding at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Image Credit: Ron Kruger

The USDA Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area reopens its wildlife refuges to human entry after they were closed this winter to provide waterfowl, shorebirds, and bald eagles needed sanctuary.

The reopened wildlife refuges include:

  • Bards, Duncan, Energy, Hematite, and Honker Lakes
  • Duncan, Rushing, and Smith Bays on Kentucky Lake
  • Fulton and Honker Bays on Lake Barkley
  • Long Creek Refuge

Wildlife refuges are closed seasonally from Nov. 1 – March 15. Land Between the Lake’s wildlife refuges, undeveloped shoreline, and proximity to the Mississippi Flyway make it an ideal destination for migrating birds and birdwatchers alike. Staff at Land Between the Lakes appreciate visitors’ cooperation with the seasonal refuge closures and regulations which offer resting and feeding areas for wildlife.

Maps with locations of the wildlife refuges are available on the official Land Between the Lakes website: www.landbetweenthelakes.us/maps.


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