Winter Weather Keeps City Facilities Closed Feb. 18

With this next round of winter weather now falling, the decision has been made to close City facilities again tomorrow. With that we would like to provide you with some information. City Hall offices will be closed. We are going to attempt to reopen on Friday weather permitting.

The Parks Department has been working today to clear the parking lot at the Civic Center and they will do so again tomorrow morning. If they are successful in getting the parking lot and sidewalks cleared enough, we might be able to open sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned, we will inform everyone if that is the case.

The Landfill will remain closed as well as the Animal Shelter. We want everyone to know that the animals are well cared for, we just can’t risk visitors to the shelter at this time.

At this time we are planning to run the Thursday sanitation route. This will only include the regular Thursday sanitation pickup. If the weather overnight creates more problems we will have to suspend pickup. We will inform the public if that is the case but right now we plan to run sanitation. Though Public Works has been working around the clock to clear the streets, this additional snow fall is going to again create a treacherous situation so we ask that you refrain from getting out if at all possible.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, sunshine is just around the corner!!

UPDATED 9pm 2/17/2021: NOTICE…..No sanitation pickup in the City of Paris tomorrow (Thursday) [2/18/2021]. With continued weather issues it is not a good idea to place our sanitation workers in unsafe conditions. Thanks for your understanding. It looks as though temps should be much better next week and we should be back on schedule!


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