Carroll County Seal Design Contest

In honor of Carroll County’s Bicentennial, the Bicentennial Committee is calling for your talent and design creativity to develop a county seal for Carroll County. This is an opportunity for you to create something that will represent this great County and used in many ways for generations to come. 

The designer needs to keep in mind:

Both the design and imagery of the seal is up to the designer, and should be a representation of how the designer and others think of Carroll County, but should represent Carroll County’s rich history.

The seal will vary in size; it may be displayed on a wall, but also needs to be able to be affixed to a document or proclamation.

The seal needs to be easy to read.

The seal does not have to be round.

Entries need to be submitted by February 28, 2022. You may submit in any of these three ways:

1. Drop it by the County Mayors office at 625 High St., Suite 101, Huntingdon, TN.

2. Mail it to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 726, Huntingdon, TN.

3. Drop it by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, 20740 East Main St., Huntingdon, TN.

The winning selection will be announced in April and will receive a winning prize of $100, at which point the winning designer will work with the Committee and a professional team to finalize and package the new county seal for use by Carroll County!


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