Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge Hummingbird Banding

On Saturday, August 27th, Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge will celebrate a Hummingbird Banding Event from 9 am to 1 pm when they host a free hummingbird banding demonstration and program at the refuge Visitor Center located at 643 Wildlife Road in Dover, TN. 

Federally Licensed Master Bander, Cynthia Routledge of Southeast Avian Research in Clarksville, Tennessee will return to lead the banding demonstrations. Using specially designed tools, Mrs. Routledge will band each captured hummingbird with a band that has a number that will be unique to that individual bird, much like a “bird social security number”.  She will then take a series of additional measurements to determine the age and sex of the hummingbird and then the bird will be released.   

All these measurements will be carefully recorded and all the information will be turned in to the Bird Banding Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, the central database for all North American bird banding information.  Researchers, such as Mrs. Routledge, have gained valuable insight and information about the lives and habits of hummingbirds through banding such as migration routes, longevity, nesting habits, population trends, the effects of habitat loss and a warming world.   

Banding will take place outside the visitor center, when there are birds available from  8:00-11:30 am.  Mrs. Routledge will also present a program on Hummingbirds at 12:00 9.m. 
This year the participating public will be able to “Adopt a Hummingbird” for $10.00.  With your donation, which goes to our Environmental Education Program, you will receive a band number, the age and sex of a hummingbird and you will also be notified if the bird is ever recaptured.  In addition, you MAY have the opportunity to release a hummingbird (but not guaranteed)!   

As always, entrance to any refuge event is free to the public.  For more information about this or other refuge programs, call 731-642-2091.


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