Free Covid-19 Test Kits Available To Tennessee Businesses

The state of Tennessee has authorized a pilot program for interested Tennessee businesses to obtain COVID-19 test kits, free of charge while supplies last. The goal of the program, administered jointly by the Tennessee Department of Health and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, is to help participating businesses demonstrate with greater confidence that their facility is safe to customers and employees. In order to access the test kits, each business must be certified by a training coordinator and follow certain reporting requirements and guidelines.

Businesses interested in utilizing the BinaxNOW rapid antigen tests should review the below guidance documents for using testing supplies and reporting the results:

Directions for ordering supplies can be found here: Ordering BinaxNOW Supplies

General guidance here: General Guidance/Obtaining a CLIA Waiver 

Reporting guidance here: Results Reporting RequirementsTraining materials for the BinaxNOW test can be accessed here and Abbott can also provide trainings via WebEx.

Please direct any questions to the COVID-19 Testing unit in the Department of Health at


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