Henry County Sheriff Deer Meat Giveaway Friday

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office will be giving away processed deer meat to the public at 10 a.m. Friday, January 29.

This year, as in years past the give-away will take place at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office on Forrest Heights on the west side of Paris.

This year, the Deputies for the Hungry Program took in 151 deer.

Anyone who would like to receive deer meat is asked to remain in your car and line up in the parking lot of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputies will be directing everyone where to go.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office would like to also extend a thank you to Hulme’s Sporting Goods for donating a new muzzleloader that was given away January 22, 2021 to one lucky hunters that donated a deer to the Deputies for the Hungry Program this year.  Congratulation to Gatlin Gulish for being the winner of the muzzleloader.


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